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I am currently a high school student attending Hong Kong International School. While I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I have always been curious about Western culinary, whether it be the Italian art of pasta or the French foundational mother sauces. Although I've never received any formal instruction in cooking, I have learned my ways in the kitchen through experimentation and practice. Along the way, cookbooks, blogs, and youtube videos have guided me in my pursuit to become a better home cook.


I started cooking primarily because I fell in love with my mother's food and I couldn't resist peeking in the kitchen. Brief moments in the kitchen with my mother thoroughly captivated my interest, and over time, I found myself immersed in an endless exploration of culinary knowledge.

My obsession with eating good food has continued to motivate my culinary journey through the years. If your favourite restaurant makes a dish that you love, why not try to make it yourself? 

Future Plans:

Cooking will always be something that I'll cherish and enjoy, whether or not I take it up as a profession. I have a dream to open my own in-person restaurant in Hong Kong one day, serving all of my childhood favourites and giving customers a sense of who I am as a foodie and as a cook. Even if this never happens, I will continue to run my online restaurant on Calioo in the coming years. 

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