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Eating Through The Years

I am a foodie at heart. One of the main reasons I fell in love with cooking was my insatiable appetite for fantastic food. At times, I couldn't find acceptable interpretations of certain dishes at restaurants. Thus, the only solution was to make these dishes myself at home. My cravings for different dishes catalyzed my growth in the kitchen early on.  Even today, my experiences eating at restaurants locally and internationally have continued to inspire my culinary progress and aid my development as a home cook, both in a technical sense and a creative sense. 


01: Home

Hong Kong

Where it all started. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I've always been in love with the exciting food scene that very much reflects the city's identity - the old and the new, the diversity of cultures. Click here to learn more.


United States

No trip to the States has ever been short on me savoring classic American cuisine. California. New York. Florida.

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Japan. Korea. Taiwan. China.

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Italy. France. Hungary. Austria. Czech Republic. 

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